Fund Snapshot

Texton Property Fund Ltd. is a diversified property investment fund, which engages in the investment in properties. It focuses on office, retail, industrial, and corporate assets. It operates through South Africa, and United Kingdom and Wales geographical segments. The company was founded on June 6, 2005 and is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Share Code TEX (JSE) | TEX:SJ (Bloomberg)
Share price R
Market Cap R
Portfolio Value R 3.6 Billion
No. of Properties 42
Shares in Issue 365,818,418

Our Company

The overall objective of the Fund is to grow its asset base, by investing in well priced, income and quality enhancing investment properties, to optimise returns over time for shareholders – in short, to become ‘the investment of choice’.

The strategic focus is diversification in order to maximise the growth in value for stakeholders. Diversification serves to limit risk and enhance the consistency of returns, ensuring that investors are best able to meet their investment performance objectives.

Business Overview

Texton Property Fund Limited (TEX) is a Real Estate Investment Trust with a portfolio of direct and indirect holdings in properties within the commercial sector of South Africa and the United Kingdom.

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Leadership and Committee Membership

The board ultimately provides leadership based on an ethical foundation, and oversees the overall process and structure of corporate governance. In formulating our governance framework, we aim to apply the highest standards of corporate governance practice, in a pragmatic manner.

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Portfolio Overview

Texton offers a focused, quality portfolio, with a variety of tenant activities spread across a number of sectors.
By GLA 61.9% of tenants are national or listed/large entities, whilst 12.9% are government tenanted.
Furthermore the portfolio consists of 15.5% retail, 31.8% industrial, 52.7% office by GLA, and is spread across
South Africa’s major metros and in select prime nodes in the United Kingdom.