Texton Property Fund

Texton Property Fund Limited (TEX) is a Real Estate Investment Trust with a portfolio of direct and indirect holdings in properties within the commercial sector of South Africa and the United Kingdom. The fund’s history dates back to 2006. Texton shares were first listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in 2011. The Fund has achieved success through a diversified property portfolio in industrial, retail and office property and continues to invest directly in income producing properties that offer potential for capital appreciation.

The overall objective of the Fund is to be the market leader in capital allocation across asset classes within the real estate sector, in order to optimise returns over time for shareholders.

The strategic focus is diversification across sectors and geographies in order to maximise the growth in value for stakeholders. Diversification serves to limit risk and enhance the consistency of returns, ensuring that investors are best able to meet their investment performance objectives.

Financial Company Calendar
Financial year end: June
Half year: December
Annual results announcement: 23 September 2020

Share Code TEX (JSE) | TEX:SJ (Bloomberg)
Share price R
Market Cap R 0 million
Portfolio Value R 5.139 billion
No. of Properties 47
Shares in Issue 376,066,766